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Hello there! I'm Dillon Buchanan, a software developer and all-around programming enthusist working in Boston. I love creating great software!

CodeHub: A GitHub iOS Client

I'm extremely excited to introduce a new open source app I've been working on: CodeHub. CodeHub is a GitHub client designed for the iOS platform - constructed using Xamarin.iOS. After constructing CodeBucket, a Bitbucket client, I decided it would be wise of myself to design a framework to build code related apps in hopes that I would one day design one for GitHub and others. This way I could keep most of the functionaility the same and improvements on one would help the other. Well, that idea is finally coming to fuition as CodeHub has been released to the iTunes App Store and it's source code has been published to GitHub.

Feature Set

  • GitHub.com and Enterprise Support
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Switch between multiple accounts
  • View repositories, issues, changesets, pull requests, etc...
  • Browse source directories, branches, tags,  all with beautiful syntax highlighting
  • View and comment on diffs from checkins and pull requests
  • Update, comment, and edit repository issues
  • View gists and create your own!
  • Merge pull requests right from the app!
  • Much much more!


Here's a few screenshots of the app's design:

[gallery link="file" ids="359,360,361,362,363"]

Source Code

All the source code for this application is stored here on GitHub.  In addition, if you're so inclined, you can check out the push notification server that CodeHub will use here on GitHub - It is built using Node.js and MongoDB.

Getting in Touch

I am frequently making updates so please feel free to drop me a line by filing issues/feature requests on GitHub or head over to CodeHub's UserVoice and collaborate with other users in coming up with great features! In addition, you can follow the app on Twitter @CodeHubApp.

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