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Hello there! I'm Dillon Buchanan, a software developer and all-around programming enthusist working in Boston. I love creating great software!

AppreciateUI: Mobile UI Designs

I'd like to introduce a new iOS application called AppreciateUI: the best way to browse and collect mobile UI design patterns for reference. When I create mobile applications I am constantly looking at what other apps have done. Making a beautiful application is key and it helps when you can draw from the inspiration of what others have created to get the creative juices flowing. For that reason, I've created an iOS application that makes it easy to browse hundreds of screenshots from hundreds of different apps and save them to your mobile device for reference later.


I love looking at the designs people come up with, especially when it comes to mobile applications. While there are a few sites on the web that dedicate themselves to serving up screenshots of mobile applications - such as Pttrns and Mobile Patterns to name two - there was no real good way to view these on the mobile device itself. This is where AppreciateUI comes in. What better way to tell if you like the design then to see it on the device you're developing for! When I'm board in a meeting I'll pull up the app, look at some of the new images, and save a few that inspired me.


Here’s a few images of the application in action:

[gallery link="file" ids="292,293,294,295,296"]

Open Source

This project is open sourced and you can find the code here on Github. Just a heads up for you Objective-C fans, this application is created using the Xamarin Monotouch framework which means it was created using C#.

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