Dillon Buchanan

Software Engineer

Hello there! I'm Dillon Buchanan, a software developer and all-around programming enthusist working in Boston. I love creating great software!

Create A Great iOS Icon

Creating an iOS icon is either one of the most rewarding parts of creating an iOS application or the most daunting, depending on how good you are with graphics. Luckily, there are a lot of tools out there now that make creating a great icon easy.

Top Five Must Have Libraries for Xamarin Development

I create a lot of Xamarin projects in my free time. Each one a little different than the last and, consequently, a little better developed. Below is a list of five libraries I find to be the most benefical to developing Xamarin iOS / Android mobile applications.

How To Create Successful Mobile Apps

As of writing this I have created four mobile applications for the iOS platform: CodeHub, CodeBucket, Gistacular, and AppreciateUI. As I released each one of them I learned something new about the process and how to really make an effective release and make sure your users are pleased with the experience. Here are five tips that I believe are the most important to keep in mind when creating mobile applications.

CodeHub: A GitHub iOS Client

I'm extremely excited to introduce a new open source app I've been working on: CodeHub. CodeHub is a GitHub client designed for the iOS platform - constructed using Xamarin.iOS. After constructing CodeBucket, a Bitbucket client, I decided it would be wise of myself to design a framework to build code related apps in hopes that I would one day design one for GitHub and others. This way I could keep most of the functionaility the same and improvements on one would help the other. Well, that idea is finally coming to fuition as CodeHub has been released to the iTunes App Store and it's source code has been published to GitHub.

Gistacular: A iOS Gist Client

I am pleased to announce the release of another open source iOS application: Gistacular. Gistacular is a Gist client built using the Xamarin.iOS platform. It utilizes all of the features GitHub provides via it's Gist API to provide the user with a full, native, application. The app is probably one of the more visually appealing applications I've come up with and I highly recomend you check it out on GitHub.